Quality Control

Warranty and Quality ControlWarranty
Attention to detail, quality control and adaptation to an  ever changing market are the demands of this industry.  Since most components are outsourced, IATS will only work with suppliers who have reached the pinnacle of their own corporate success.

We understand that lives depend on the vehicles we design and supply; that is our primary concern.  Due to this, all designs are made in-house and adhere to strict armoring principles gained through years of experience in manufacture.

We strive to provide equipment that is relevant to your operational environment and requirements.  This is why every armored vehicle is designed and manufactured on a client by client basis.  Our fully staffed research and development team are constantly striving to improve our vehicle design and production ensuring that IATS will provide the best protection for the best value on the market.

Quality Control for Glass


  • All glass area to meet Level B6 (42-45mm thickness)
  • Glass will be curved and contoured to retain the appearance of the OEM glass.
  • Driver side window operablew2

Where transparent and opaque armour meet, additional armour is installed to prevent a ballistic orifice.  For this reason overlapping armour is applied to cover the transitions between transparent and opaque armour.

Beschussamt Report

HP White Lab Report
10407-04 (0691) NASG.PDF