Sports Utility Vehicles
Vehicles sold by IATS look like normal cars, vans and sport utility vehicles. That is because the armor components are typically hidden beneath the vehicle exterior.

After your selected vehicle is received at IATS facilities, we completely disassemble that vehicle, install armor components, beef up suspension and engine if necessary and reassemble the vehicle so that it looks and handles like it did before armoring.

  • All work is bonded by International Armoring.
  • All work is warranted for a period of 24 months from the date of delivery.
  • Superior after the sale service is provided.
  • Certified materials by independent testing laboratories
  • The most advanced and proven technology
  • Prompt delivery times
  • Complete protection systems offers full ballistic integrity.
  • Proprietary system developed by IATS
  • A wide range of protection levels from light armored vehicle packages to upper levels of protection to defeat such as 7.62 NATO armor piercing rounds.
  • Cost competitive rates for armoring services


Luxury Sedans

With the ongoing trend of globalization and the continuing easing of international boundaries, modern day passengers find themselves frequently travelling in regions of civil unrest and insecure environments. While threat levels fluctuate with the tensions as they occur, personal security must remain a constant factor.

IATS armored Sedans are some of the most exquisite vehicles they are very carefully built to keep the integrity of the OEM. They are built for VIP’s in different countries. Vehicles are exclusively built according to the specific security arrangements desired by the client or requesting authority.

The vehicle portrays a luxurious elegance while at the same time inconspicuously retains its integrated security features. We have physically built discretion into our security concept.

IATS has numerous armored vehicles presently operating world-wide in extreme dangerous war zone and crisis areas. We have utilized and analyzed valuable information gained from field visits and reports and incorporated these findings into the final product.

Vehicles are built within full compliance and in accordance to the protection levels pr EN 1063 European Committee for Standardization. In some instances, variations of classifications have been combined, providing for example a higher level of transparent glass protection, such as level II ballistic glass.