IATS provides full procurement capability from cost effective markets across the globe. IATS procurement is fully integrated with our logistics and supply chain management services, particularly in support of deployed operations in Third World theaters where obstinate and opaque bureaucracies, rough & inaccessible roads and other common third-world infrastructure obstacles often pervade supply routes.Frequently procured products include:

· Mobile turnkey camps and hospitals;
· Pre-fabricated structures;
· Construction materials and equipment;
· Cement and reinforcing steel;
· Sewerage and sanitation plants;
· Small plant equipment and tools;
· Hardware, stationary & IT supplies;
· Generators and electrical accessories;
· “Soft Skin” vehicles;
· Bulk and fresh food / packaged water and other consumable liquids / MRE’s;
· Security and military equipment including fire fighting equipment, ballistic gear, night vision, radar,;
· Medical supplies and equipment