h1The primary vision of IATS is to become the first all-in-one solution for armoured vehicle procurement.  Highly detail oriented and focussed on mitigating our clients busy schedules with thorough and quick responses to all requests, our commitment to expedient service is unmatched in the industry.

The game of sitting back in a safe and secure country dictating what clients living in remote hostile environments require for their operations is counter to our belief that our clients deserve to have a supplier that lives and works along side of them.  For our clients to know that we understand their requirements because we are there on-ground is a gigantic leap forward in philosophy for armoured vehicle providers.

Why should a company that provides armoured vehicles provide no local service, warranty, in-country stock, real time manufacturing updates, registration/license plates and local aftersales.  Understanding this means that there is no reason to procure armoured vehicles from any other company on the planet.h2

IATS” provides armored vehicles to civil, law enforcement agencies, Military, Private Security companies and Individuals.

Our state-of-the-art service facility in Kabul is open to all of our clients for prior inspection to ensure contractual compliance prior to the quotation process. Combined with process control, supply chain management and a proper quality control management system, IATS brings a fresh procurement solution to mitigate our clients encumbered schedules.

Our services and solutions are integral parts of programs and operations run by the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of State, NATO, the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS),Pakistan Frontier Corps, Afghan National Police (ANP), Afghan Border Police (ABP), various Ministries of Interior, and Coast Guards of many Caribbean, Central American and South American countries, as well as large, multi-national prime contractors such As Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin and PAE group.h3

IATS has operations in United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and Afghanistan.  We are  focused on providing the highest quality, yet cost effective handling of scheduled and unscheduled vehicle and Equipment maintenance, meeting our customers’ needs and developing long term relationships to our customers.